Thursday, August 04, 2005

Dorlogs modular.  Also visible are Korg SQ10 sequencer, Kenton converter and cute fuzzy dog.Not much of an update... Here's a picture of the modular. No idea why I feel the need to post it, as this
is only meant to be a temporary page and I've not told anyone about it. Well, if I put some words in maybe
someone will find it by googling for "Exploding Dorlog" or something.

The top box is waiting for the Q960 sequencer and Q962 sequential switch that are due in September or so. It's looking extra-empty because the power modules I meant to order didn't come, entirely due to my messing around with the order. I'd better get round to getting them, otherwise it's a very nice expensive wooden box.

And don't ask about the dog...

Meanwhile, the keyboard is out of stock and not due for a week. Oh well, not really worth trying to order elsewhere.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Nothing tangible

The laptop is back, and working. I've adopted Ableton Live as my software of choice. It seems to be rock solid, playing flawlessly until the point you run out of processing power (which is sadly, all too soon). For band use, it is the only VSTi host we've found that synchronises to MIDI clocks reliably. It was a suprise bonus that I found it so comfortable to use for music creation.

The studio is still not quite usable. There's just not quite enough space to get everything to hand. As it is currently set up, I can't get to a mixer so the interesting gear (including the Arrick) isn't plumbed in. So for now, I'm limited to what I can do on the laptop with no keyboard. This isn't so bad, I'm taking the time to create sounds and sequences that I can use later. I've ordered an Edirol PCR-M1 mini controller keyboard, so I can do more complete pieces on the laptop alone (and do better at creating sounds aimed at playing by hand). Also on the way, are a couple of large wooden 19" racks from Thomann , which should let me rearrange the studio in a useful way.

So, nothing tangible to report, but I feel more positive anyway.