Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The difficult second (first?) album

It's an astonishingly long time since I posted anything, even for me. So just a random update on the off-chance anyone is reading. If nothing else it reminds me how to log in to the thing...

I am slogging on with the solo album. I think of it as the first "real" album, so it shouldn't be so hard especially as some of the material is refined versions of what appeared on Bohunt. There's about 45 minutes of more or less finished music. With any luck I'll be able to wrap it up in time for HJ8. Yeah, right...

Meanwhile I've just had a rehearsal with a non-EM group that I'll be appearing with. Just a tiny contribution this time round, but hopefuly the start of something very different.


Blogger TedFire said...

Well it certainly is quiet in here :) better to compose in though! John Cage would have been proud..... Ted ( A random comment from an EM follower)

9:35 pm  

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