Sunday, October 11, 2009

The beginning of the end

At last! I have finished my solo album, which is now titled "Susbarbatus". Assuming I get all of the gubbins into the post it should be ready for Hampshire Jam. Yes, still a real physical disc - I'll worry about whether it should be a download too later.

Stylistically it's definitely not an AirSculpture album; the music is rather more structured and even melodic in places. If you have Bohunt it won't come as a total surprise - in fact the first couple of tracks are refined versions of Bohunt tracks and there's a live track from HJ5. Originally this was going to be just a polished up version of tha material but that plan didn't exactly come off (or it might have come out a couple of years sooner). These tracks have evolved quite a lot, and the new tracks are quite different.

More soon, I'm sure. This is probably time to updade the site to be more than just bloggage. Although with HJ and a Frank-a-delic gig upcoming you know what will happen...