Saturday, January 01, 2005

An optimistic place

This site is an optimistic place. That's to say, blind optimism that John is going to ever get round to producing anything more than a homeopathic quantity of music.

After ten years as a member of UK synth trio airsculpture, John's solo output consists of exactly one track, a four minute slice of off the wall sequencing called "Heathkit Interocitor". This appeared on the Beyond Me compilation (which you can still buy here amongst other places). Despite this, it still seemed worth grabbing the domain. If nothing else, the .com variations have already been snarfed by bookbinders or jewellers (who, to be fair, probably have bound more than one book or forged more than one ring in the last decade). He who hesitates could be lost, or at least lumbered with an unfashionable address. And we wouldn't want that. Anyway, the non-profit org suffix nicely sums up the amount of money to be made from electronic music - at least until there's a 'crippling-loss' one to use.

So what's the current excuse status? Well, right now my studio is mostly disabled as I'm trying to merge it in with my office to free up a room. Now I don't work as a freelancer, let alone from home, it's a bit of an unneccesary luxury. Of course, the compact rig that I used for the Gatherings concert in Philly doesn't really need a full studio, and should be easily capable of recording an album in the local pub. Nah, far too easy. My laptop has suffered video card failure and needs to be sent off for repair. It's always something.